- How much time should pass after stone production till installing?

- Installing ceramic stone grinder must be made not earlier than two (2) months after its production (manufacture date is indicated on the marking stone at the end of the stone). Stone prepared to work should be in the workshop at least three days before placing it in the grinder.


- What water temperature should be?

- Water temperature should be at least + 45° C during operation. Temperature difference in the tub grinder and water should not exceed 20 ° C.


- What water pressure should be?

Water pressure should not be less than 0.35 Mpa (3.5 kgf/cm2)


- What is the maximum concentration of fibers in water?

The concentration of fibers in water should not exceed 0.7 g / l.


- What is the recommendation for the input mode?

- Input Mode:

Load applied at the time of start-up should be 10% of the working load.

Rise in temperature is produced at a rate not more than 2 ° C per hour. Operate with a simultaneous increase in the load of more than 10% of the work every 2.5 hours.


In the case of downtime of less than 40 hours in stone entry mode operation depends on the temperature of the stone.

Raising the temperature to + 45 ° C is performed at 2 ° C and the increasing the load no more than 5% per hour, ranging from 20-30% of the work.

If the stone temperature is 50-60 ° C, temperature should be rising at speeds of 3-4 ° C per hour, and increasing load of 7.5-10% per hour, ranging from 50-60% of the working load.

If the stone temperature is more than 60 ° C, temperature should be rising at speeds of 5 ° C per hour, and increasing load of 10% per hour, ranging from 70% of the working load.


- What is the recommendation for shutdown procedure?

- Shutdown procedure of the stone at unexpected stop grinder:

Load must be completely removed from the stone, the mine lifted, the bath descended. 

The stone is completely cleared from the pulp and the water stopped.

The main engine is switched off. Lowering the temperature to room temperature is not more than 2 ° C per hour.