The pulpstone (ceramic grinder stone) is an abrasive cylindrical shaped tool with a working layer assembled of separate abrasive segments concatenated by ceramic bond.


For its production we use an abrasive white synthetic corundum.

Depending on their designation, the stones have a working layer with an abrasive graininess from 20 to 80 units according to GOST 3647-71 which corresponds to a graininess of 70 to 24 units of GRIT.


The hardness of ceramic stones is from CM1 to CT3 according to GOST 18118-79 which corresponds to the hardness from H to Q of the USA hardness scale.


The stones are centered on the grinder shaft by means of adjusting washers or special bolts.


Ceramic grinder stones are manufactured in diameters of 1800, 1700, 1600, 1500 mm. with a working surface from 1100 and up to 1700 mm.